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An athlete, entrepreneur and cancer survivor, James’ inspirational message is about setting targets, applying discipline, adapting to challenges and reaching peak performance to optimise potential.

A fighter in more ways than one, his unique perspective has been shaped by a brutal battle with Leukaemia in the midst of an international sporting career. . . As a martial artist, he is a double world bronze medalist. As a two-time cancer survivor, he spent 286 days in hospital staring death in the face.

By altering your perception, his powerful rhetoric adjusts your focus, aligns your priorities, refines your work ethic and harnesses courage to discover motivation from within.

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James specialises in applying psychological mechanisms which provide mental stimulation, designed to maximise productivity and performance, both personally and professionally.

Using bespoke methods adapted from his experience as an elite athlete at the forefront of international competition – overcoming overwhelming adversity to triumph in the face of insurmountable odds – James opens the eyes of his audience to an entirely new and invigorating mental perspective.

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