• Motivational Talks




Through large audience seminars or intimate workshop sessions, James’ intention is to get people thinking outside the box. By refocussing their minds to identify bad habits and clarify objectives, he empowers them toward self-fulfilment of long-term ambitions; always to the benefit of the client.

A born survivor and a serial winner, he delivers a powerful message designed to alter your perception of challenges, enabling you to view both personal and professional complexities in context.

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In Business

Motivation is the key to unlocking our potential. For staff in the engine room, sales teams, project managers, senior directors and business leaders, mental stimulation is vital to maximise productivity.

Business is about the bottom line. But as most companies realise, shrewd business acumen lies in creating an inspired working environment as much as it does in policy or process. Keeping staff happy by developing skills, heightening morale and considering their work-life balance is priceless; because if you invest in others, they’re more likely to invest in you.

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In Charity

Asking people to dip into their pockets at large conferences and fundraisers is easy, but getting them to do so can be hard work. Significant expenditure requires motivation.

James is a living, breathing example of what research can achieve and inspires his audiences to dig deep. Adept at catering for a range of events supporting different causes, he tailors his speaking to remind those in attendance why they are there, detailing how their time, effort and money can make a tangible difference to those in need of it.

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In Education

A career obtaining peak performance and maximising ability to achieve success physically, mentally and socially, means James understands how to extract every ounce of talent required to boost individual output and realise collective potential.

In today’s modern world, young people cannot be blamed for falling foul of the wrong kind of influence. False aspirations, blurred morality and misguided priorities lead to unfulfilled unrealistic ambitions. . .  By inspiring impressionable minds and painting a very real picture of life’s precarious nature, James steers them from a desire for instant gratification and guides them towards the invariable rewards of long-term success.

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