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A speaker who truly engages with his audience. Open, honest and guaranteed to motivate!

I have known James for over 15 years and witnessed first hand how he battled through his illness to achieve great things. I never tire of listening to his incredible story, having heard him detail its complexities on numerous occasions; watching him unravel the personal, professional, psychological and physical aspects is remarkably insightful.

Why? Because to compete for his country and win international silverware at world level is one thing. But to do so in the wake of a cruel and debilitating battle with cancer, is another. . .  To meet that challenge at any age is tough. To do so as a young man in his early 20s, with the world collapsing beneath his feet, is almost unthinkable. Tackling it head on then, in the manner he did so vigorously, is unfathomable to me and deserves not just praise but understanding.

Speaking in depth about the psychological processes he used to approach Leukaemia – something he refers to as ‘trauma management’ – he is open and honest about the hurdles he’s overcome, together with the challenges we all face in society today. His concepts aren’t merely motivational. More importantly, they’re practical too and refreshingly applicable.

His delivery in this regard, with confidence void of arrogance, is quite unique. He draws strength from a place most of us can’t imagine and yet relates his story to everybody present, instilling clear and tangible techniques.

A speaker who truly engages with his audience, James’ courage, humility and integrity speaks volumes. Above all, I know him to be a thoroughly decent young man with a perspective we should all at least try to comprehend. . .  Guaranteed to motivate any demographic!

- Keith Daniel – The Media Group CEO & Chairman

Motivating and inspiring, his enthusiasm and passion on stage is infectious . . .  Listen, learn and be inspired!

I’ve seen James speak many times in his capacity working with Clic Sargent and in conjunction with the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The most inspiring talk I’ve seen him give was to an audience of over 800 people, including 500 young cancer patients, many of whom were terminal… The way in which he motivated and engaged with those in attendance struck a cord with everybody in the arena; it has lived long in the memory of those still with us.

His relentless positivity in the face of two cancer diagnoses is to be admired and as such his enthusiasm and passion on stage is infectious.

James’ diagnosis in particular was a severe one; an extremely aggressive cancer needing the most intense treatment imaginable… He talks about each experience with applaudable honesty, disclosing truths which many conceal when faced with such a traumatic obstacle.

A stem cell transplant like his is not to be taken lightly, as many don’t survive such a regimen and those who do are often left with life-altering affects… The fact he competed at all afterwards is incredible, when for the rest of us it would’ve been enough to be alive!

Not satisfied with mediocrity, his determination to resume his athletic career so quickly and return to international competition is testament to James’ positivity and strength of character. When listening to his story, it becomes apparent how very hard he has worked and still works to achieve success in sport, business and in life… Given the point from which he started, you’d be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t possible – just a few minutes in his company and you understand how and why it was!

Driven by his desire to be a force for change using a range of innovative ideas, to set an example to others and to inspire people of all ages, his words are worthy of any audience in any circumstance. An example of true courage in the face of adversity… Listen, learn and be truly inspired.

- Rachel Ewing – CLIC Sargent

Well worth his fee, James inspired the team to our most profitable promotional event in years!

Wow! What a man, what a story, what an inspiration!

Speaking at our annual sales event, James’ words left a lasting impression and had a huge impact on those present.

What struck me most was how well he held the room… Corporate sales environments can be daunting, buzzing with electricity and plenty of egos present – big characters, often loud and very opinionated – a tough crowd to control… But almost instantly, he had the entire group hanging on his every word and effortlessly commanded respect.

His story of early sporting success, facing cancer with gusto (almost as if enjoyed the challenge), overcoming the odds to fight again and achieving brilliant success in business, serves as an example that nothing is insurmountable with the right mental approach and an unwavering determination to succeed.

His combative characteristics, positive ethos and message of empowerment undoubtedly inspired the team to our most profitable promotional event in recent years… Well worth his fee with a guaranteed return on investment!

- Mej Digva – Sytner Group

survivor with innate oratory skills, I’ve seen him inspire handfuls and hundreds of people at a time.

As a senior oncologist, I have met thousands of young people with cancer. James’ journey of survival and subsequent success is far from the norm; as such he is an individual we can all learn from.

Handing him the microphone at his first speaking engagement, it was my great pleasure to introduce him to those present… It was an even greater pleasure to witness the standing ovation he received at the close of his speech.

His first soirée into such an environment, he stepped off stage and patrolled the room with humbling confidence; the kind of which only a survivor with innate oratory skills and a relatable story could manage.

I suspected he might go from strength-to-strength and I’m not surprised to see him make a career since.

I’ve seen him inspire handfuls and hundreds at a time… The biggest compliment I can give, is that In either instance, each individual who hears James’ message leaves with something to think about or consider that’s unique to them.

- Professor David Walker – Senior Oncologist, NUH