Joe Sargison: Balls To Poverty (Managing Director)

Posted by , Wednesday 26th June, 2019

Learn how to improve from someone with a remarkable mindset and resounding strength of character.

James talks about his cancer experiences with applaudable honesty. He discloses truths and consequences which many conceal after facing such a traumatic obstacle.

You soon understand that his diagnosis was severe – an extremely aggressive Leukaemia needing the most intense treatment admissible. A little research reveals that many don’t survive a stem cell transplant like his and that some are left with life-altering side-effects. All the more reason then, to appreciate his remarkable mindset.

A resounding strength of character means he isn’t someone satisfied with mediocrity. Simply being alive is not enough for James; “Life is a beautiful opportunity” he says. On the face of it, you’d be forgiven for thinking his achievements weren’t possible. Quickly, you not only realise why you’re paying him to speak, but how you can improve, what you can do better and where you should prioritise.

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