Keith Daniel: The Media Group (CEO)

Posted by , Tuesday 26th February, 2019

remarkably insightful speaker who truly engages with his audience: Guaranteed to motivate!

I never tire of listening to James’ incredible story. Watching him unravel the personal, professional, psychological and physical complexities is remarkably insightful.

Why? Because to compete for his country and win international silverware at world level is one thing. But to do so in the wake of a cruel and debilitating battle with cancer, is another. . .  To meet that challenge at any age is tough. To do so as a young man in his early 20s, with the world collapsing beneath his feet, is almost unthinkable. Tackling it head on then, in the manner he did so vigorously, deserves not just praise but our understanding.

As a speaker who truly engages with his audience, James’ courage, humility and integrity speaks volumes. He is a thoroughly decent young man with a perspective we should all at least try to comprehend. . .  A young man guaranteed to motivate any demographic!

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