Mej Digva: Sytner Group

Posted by , Tuesday 26th February, 2019

He inspired the team to our most profitable promotional event in years; well worth our investment!

Wow! What a man, what a story, what an inspiration. . .  Speaking at our annual sales event, James’ words left a lasting impression and had a huge impact on all of us.

Corporate sales arenas can be daunting, buzzing with electricity and plenty of egos present – big characters, often loud and very opinionated – a tough crowd to control. So what struck me most, was how well he held the room. . .  Almost instantly, he had the entire group hanging on his every word. By the end, he commanded our total respect.

His story – of early sporting success, embracing the challenge of cancer with gusto, overcoming the odds to fight again and achieving brilliant success both in sport and in business – serves as a reminder that nothing is insurmountable with the right mental approach and an unwavering determination to succeed.

James’ combative characteristics, positive ethos and messages of empowerment inspired the team to our most profitable promotional event in recent years. He’s well worth his fee, with a guaranteed return on your investment!

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