Professor David Walker: BUPA (Senior Oncologist)

Posted by , Tuesday 26th February, 2019

An inspired choice, capable of motivating handfuls or even hundreds of people at a time.

James’ journey of survival and subsequent success is far from the norm. I know this because I have met thousands of young people with cancer in my role as a senior oncologist. . .  He is an individual we can all learn from.

Handing him the microphone at his first speaking engagement, I wasn’t to know he’d found his calling. The standing ovation he received afterwards was testament to the natural ability he has to inspire and to motivate.

Whether influencing handfuls or hundreds of people at a time, the affect is always the same. Either on stage or in a more intimate space, he communicates with confidence and humility; the kind only a survivor with innate oratory skills could project.

The biggest compliment I can give, is that when James speaks, every individual leaves with something to consider that is unique to them. An inspired choice.

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