Rachel Ewing: CLIC Sargent

Posted by , Tuesday 26th February, 2019

His relentless positivity, enthusiasm and passion on stage is infectious . . .  Listen, learn and be inspired!

I’ve seen James talk to audiences of up 800 people in our capacity working together, often in conjunction with the Teenage Cancer Trust. Motivating and engaging with over 500 young cancer patients at a time, many of whom might be terminal, requires the relentless positivity and unique relatability which comes naturally to him.

He tailors his themes and the content within them to a variety of audiences, but his enthusiasm and passion on stage remains infectious. His mindset in the wake of two cancer diagnoses is to be admired and his words live long in the memory. I wager that he’d strike a cord with anybody, in any arena, anywhere.

I know James is driven by a desire to be a force for positive change. As an example of true courage in the face of adversity, his ideas are innovative and capable of inspiring people of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances. . .  Listen, learn and be inspired!

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