Tom Wilson: Belvoir Lettings

Posted by , Wednesday 26th June, 2019

Staff are more productive, morale has improved and targets have been met ahead of schedule.

Speaking in depth about the psychological processes he adapted from sport to approach Leukaemia – something he refers to as ‘trauma management’ – James is open and honest about the hurdles he’s overcome, together with the challenges we all face in society today. His concepts aren’t merely motivational. More importantly, they’re practical too and refreshingly applicable.

His delivery in this regard, with confidence void of arrogance, is quite unique. He draws strength from a place most of us can’t imagine, relating his story to everybody present with clear and tangible techniques.

This isn’t a speaker who regurgitates self-help books and simply talks a good game. James is a man who can back up a philosophy he’s entirely responsible for with clear-cut results. . .  Following his visit, our staff were more productive, their attitudes changed, morale improved and targets were met ahead of schedule. I can’t speak highly of him enough.

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